William Yong

Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Singer


Film,TV & Video

Nikita Principal Actor: Airport Cop, Nikita Films Inc. Nick Copus

BeingErica Principal Actor and Singer, BeingErica ll Productions, Chris Grismer

JustBusiness Principal Actor: Mr. Chan - The Devil, Just Business Films, Jonathan Dueck

ToFly or Fall Principal actor and choreographer, Partners Films, Kathi Prosser

BeautifulPeople Actor: Fashion Buyer, Cliffwood Productions Ltd., Chris Grismer

BravoTV show ‘Freedom’ Featured Choreographer & Dancer, ACME Pictures, Bob Barrett

ADay At The Office Principal Actor: Lola’s Man, One Plus One Film Inc. Robert Deleskie

Sugar& Snails Principal & Choreographer, Partners films, Kathi Prosser

Lepidulterous Principal Actor, Brown Entertainment, James Cooper

Lapinthrope Actor: The Policeman Decadence Films, Alec Kinnear

AdventureInc.(Memento Mori) Actor: The Prisoner Fireworks-Valhalla, Oley Sassone

TheRev Actor: Gas Station Counter Attendant, Sunny Days Prod., Christopher Bessette

AFlock of Flyers Actor & Dancer: Sebastian, Mediatique Inc. Isabelle Barsive

V PrincipalActor: The Calligrapher, Cine Qua Non Prod., Naomi McCormack

Eve PrincipalActor, Earthworks Pictures, Neil St. Clair

TheLadies’ Man Actor & Dancer: Victim of ‘Smiling A’, Ladies Man Productions,Reginald Hudlin

CodenamePhoenix Actor: Buddhist Monk, Paramount Network TV, Jeff Freilich

AMP’sSwan Lake Various, BBC/ NVC film production, Britain

CitizenLocke, Channel 4 film Actor, Channel4 Film, Agnieszka Piotrowska

NewYork Broadway

MatthewBourne’s Swan Lake Shaft,Pop Idol, Big Swan & Spanish Pro: Cameron Mackintosh, Neil SimonTheatre

(Winner of three Tony Awards. Best choreography, direction and costume of amusical, out of 5 nominations)

Theatre& Stage Experience

Peter And The Wolf Principal Actor, Theatre Rusticle, Toronto.

Mindscape / Soupe du jour Principal Dancer Fila 13, Spain, Montreal, Victoria, Toronto. (2 Dora winner)

Eight Ways From Mara Choreographer and Performer, Zata Omm, Toronto

Variable Geometry Dancer, Fila 13 (Lina Cruz)

Frames Choreographer& Performer, Zata Omm (William is nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for this production)

Nuit Blanche (Euro, NY tour) Principal Performer, CORPUS

Necessary Velocity Principal Actor & Dancer, Michelle Silagy

Two Is Company Principal Actor & Dancer, CORPUS

Severe Clear Dancer, Toronto Dance Theatre(First Dora nomination)

We are the same - The Hidden Camera Musician& Dancer, The Hidden Camera & TDT

Percephone’s Lunch, Nest Dancer, Toronto Dance Theatre

A Flock of Flyers Actor& Dancer: Sebastian, CORPUS

Five On A Limb Dancer, Chimera Project

Redneck Dancer, Blue Collar Dance Company

Cinderella (LA tour) Various& understudy principal ‘Angel’, Adventures in Motion Pictures, Ahmanson Theatre

Swan Lake (UK & America Tours) Various, Adventures in Motion Pictures, London.

Labrax (England, Germany & Belgium) Dancer, Random Dance Company, London

4D Performance Group Chorus and Soloist, London Contemporary Dance School

Abend des Modernen Tanzes Principal Dancer & Choreographer Henri Oguike Dance Company, Germany

Death & The Maiden Chorus, The Ensemble Company, Lithuania

Singing Experience

Contract singer with BMG (Pacific) Record Company & Hong Kong Television Broadcast

Lead Singer of a band, Fundamental, in Hong Kong. 3 albums and a single have been released.

•1strunner of the Carlsberg Pop Music Festival

• Bronze prize of the Best New Artist Award by HK Commercial Radio


University of Kent, England Master of Arts in Dance and Choreography, gained distinction.

London Contemporary Dance School, England Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Advanced Diploma

Languages: Fluent English and Cantonese. Simple Mandarin. Skills: Choreograph for TV, films and shows.